B | The Secret Life of Bee

Hi i’m B!

I’m a foodie, trained chef, food photographer, food stylist, recipe developer and any other glorious ways to work and play with food.

I live in Cape Town with my heavily bearded husband. He’s level headed, mr logic while i’m sometimes a tad too passionate inside and outside of the kitchen. We met at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and he made the leap to come back to South Africa with me. He’s chief taster in this kitchen so if you think something’s crap- blame him.

I love experimenting with flavours, textures and tastes. Making food beautiful, fun and exciting. My happy place is hosting an extravagant dinner party and you better come hungry.

I have a very deep and meaningful relationship with butter. Bread too. Dough in general really. Sadly dough does not love me and I do wish that my food-obsessed self was born in a matchstick sized body.

I believe in using the very best ingredients, supporting local farmers and focussing on seasonal produce.

I also believe in wine. In wine I trust. I think I might be pickling myself…

Just as much as I love being in the kitchen I love enjoying the creations of other kitchens. Food is about discovery. I love learning and exploring.

So from the rustic to the refined, from the scrambled egg to the seared scallop, thank you for reading and hope you enjoy!

Happy cooking, baking and of course eating!