Let them eat chocolate cake

A friend had a birthday braai this weekend. I haven’t baked a good old fashioned cake in a while so said to his wife i’ll do the cake and what flavours does he enjoy most? She said he is a no nonsense, simple chocolate cake kinda guy. The more chocolate the better. No problem.



I baked two rich and most chocolate cakes which has hot espresso added to the batter. Life changing addition. Really brings out the chocolate flavour, and of course plenty of proper vanilla.

So a little bit of rough masking with some dark chocolate ganache and then I popped them in the fridge to set.

A serious amount of chocolate buttercream was used… and eaten


Next up was a spectacular amount of chocolate buttercream.

Chocolate Cake with Smarties
Chocolate Cake with Smarties

And finally that night the birthday boy got his cake and ate it too. We all did. The pants might haveĀ been a bit tight at the end of the night.

Birthday Candles
Birthday Candles

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