Homemade Biltong – Part II – Biltong Bread

Homemade Biltong

The wait is over. I can finally stop staring into the softly lit biltong machine with longing and desire.

The biltong is done and yum. My dog gives it her paw of approval too. She’s pretty much the fussiest eater on earth so if she says it’s good- it’s good.

Yorkshire terrier eating biltong

Now I thought it would be a tad boring just showing you pics of me gorging myself on biltong. Aint nobody wanna see that. So I thought of what a good South African meisie would make with biltong. For future reference I am not a big fan of cooking or baking or doing anything with biltong other than eating it! But I sacrificed my beliefs for you.

So I made some biltong, feta and spring onion stuffed bread. It’s a very basic ‘I need freshly baked bread fast’ recipe. No starter needed, no 24 hour proofing time. So don’t expect artisan sourdough. Expect warm, soft and squishy loaf with a satisfying crust and ever so good with a swish of butter on top.

Biltong Bread with Feta & Spring Onions


  • 500g strong white bread flour
  • 20g instant dried yeast
  • 1 Tbsp salt
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • approximately 400ml warm water
  • fresh herbs, roughly chopped
  • 1 large stick biltong
  • 200g feta cheese
  • 2 spring onions, finely sliced
  • chilli flakes


Weigh out all your ingredients. Place yeast, salt and sugar together in a small mixing bowl and add 300ml of the warm water. Mix well and let stand to activate the yeast. It will become foamy and frothy.

Yeast activating

Make a well in the centre of your flour and pour in yeast mixture. Work that in with a wooden spoon. Add butter and herbs and continue to work in well. I used rosemary in this one but thyme or oregano would also work beautifully. Your dough should be wet and sticky if not add a touch more of the warm water.

.Bread dough in the making

Now roll up your sleeves and start kneading or if you’d rather boil the kettle and make a cup of tea, pop your dough into a stand mixture fitted with a dough hook attachment. The dough will start coming together and appear smoother. If kneading by hand this should take about ten minutes.

Bread dough with herbs

Place dough onto a floured surface and bring it together into a ball. Grease a mixing bowl, add your dough, cover with clingfilm and place in a nice warm spot for about two hours. Your dough should double in size.

Turn out onto a floured work surface and using your hands begin to stretch the dough into a rectangle. It will keep ‘pulling back’ from you so keep pressing and stretching until it stays.

Making biltong crumbs

To get a good even spread of biltong, roughly chop it up and place into a food processor. I have a little Kenwood stick blender that has a bowl and blade attachment and did the job perfectly. Process into biltong ‘crumbs’.

Biltong, feta and spring onion bread

Sprinkle your biltong over your rectangle of dough leaving 1cm clear  on the edges to seal up and close. Add your finely sliced spring onions and crumble the feta evenly. Depending on your taste preferences, give a generous sprinkle of dried chilli flakes and some freshly ground black pepper.

Biltong, feta and spring onion bread

Roll up your rectangle length ways into a long sausage. Curl the sausage onto itself like a snake, tuck the end underneath the body and you should end up with something like this:

Rolled biltong, feta and spring onion bread

Carefully transfer into an oiled cast iron pot. This has now officially become pot bread! Brush some olive oil onto your dough and let it stand for a further 30-60 minutes until puffed up again.

Oiled biltong, feta & spring onion bread in a pot

Place pot into a 180˚C pre-heated oven for approximately 45 minutes, or until cooked through. I cranked the oven up at the end just for some extra colour.

Pot bread with biltong, feta and spring onion

Remove from the oven and cool slightly. It should pop out really easily and place onto a wire rack to cool.

Pot bread with biltong, feta and spring onions

Slice and serve with a swish of butter or as an accompaniment to hummus, tapenade or your favourite dip.

Pot bread with biltong, feta and spring onions

Or if you’re my husband proceed to melt cheese on TOP of this and then eat it instead of my roast chicken and broccoli dinner 🙂

Pot bread with biltong, feta and spring onions

And just one more of fluff munchkin eating biltong- because she’s just the cutest thing ever.

Yorkshire terrier eats and loves biltong

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